Wednesday, April 24, 2013

B is for Birthdays

Oh yeah, my birthday was the other week. April 8th is my favorite day of the year. Nothing super exciting happened and other than a trip to a flea market I let the holiday pass without too much hoopla. I did get some fancy presents this year which I'm sharing with you today.

First- My new Sven clogs that I have been meaning to order since forever. I little gift to myself. If you big heart clogs like me and are in Central PA check out Just Clogs, you won't be sorry.

Second- A new bag.

Third- A gift from Jonathan. A Singer 29-4 sewing machine. This was an old cobbler's machine manufactured in 1910. It came with a treadle which it should be sitting on but we still have some light repairs to make on it before I can get her working. This is an unexpected addition to the collection I wasn't aware I was starting.

Happy Birthday to me! Muah.


  1. happy belated birthday, becky! those clogs are so very very "you". <3

  2. I've lusted over that thing for a year!