Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bits of Becky: March

What's been happening in my life lately and with some Instagram shots from the month! (follow me @bforbecky)

Reading: I'm currently reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I know I'm late to read this book but man it's definitely turning into a must read.

Watching: Have you guys been watching SMASH? It's my favorite show on television at the moment. Drama plus show tunes. A win, win for me!

Listening: Justin Timberlake's new album came out and my 2007 self made the 2013 Becky download it the day it came out. It's okay. My favorite jam is Suit & Tie and if I wanted to hear that I could turn on any radio station in America. 
Crafting: I finished my Sew for Victory dress! Fancy, fancy. I also wrapped up a baby gift for my dearest friend. I'll post about that soon.

Offline: Quality time with lady friends, a crazy trip to Colorado, I threw a baby shower brunch, went to a peepshow, saw a band in a row home in Harrisburg, turned my dining room into a factory, and attended the 3rd annual Beer/Egg Hunt


  1. I loved Girl With A Dragon Tattoo! I felt like the movie was pretty close to the book. :)

  2. I love the Dragon Tattoo series! Lisbeth is by far, my favorite literary woman character. Have you seen the Swedish movies? They are awesome. She is who I picture too, not the American version.