Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dude. Colorado. Part 3.

The elevation of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is 338 ft.
The elevation of Denver, Colorado is 5,883 ft.
The elevation of Winter Park, Colorado at the base is 9,052 to 12,060 ft at the summit.

So let's just say the Stetses are not used to high elevations and we just jumped right into crazy high elevations in one day. The effects of the high altitude never crossed our minds. We did experience some shortness of breath and Jonathan had trouble sleeping, both symptoms of altitude sickness. I kept an eye on our conditions and after the first night we became more accustom to our surroundings.

But dude, one "effect" of the high altitude that we weren't warned about on all these websites telling us the symptoms of acute mountain sickness was all the farting!!! Man, we farted all day and all night! (TMI???) I finally looked it up and some random website said that if your body wasn't used to being at a high altitude the drop in air pressure can create, and I quote, uncontrollable flatulence! It was pretty hilarious. Also, I'm not going to lie but this was the first story everyone heard when they asked us about our trip. "How was Colorado?" "It was pretty awesome, but we farted a lot!"


  1. That is seriously hilarious! - http://harborcottage.blogspot.com