Friday, April 19, 2013

Furry Fridays: Huzzahs From a Street

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today welcome Alyssa and her crew of furry friends!

I've always had cats. I'm a self-proclaimed cat person. I grew up with two cats that were my best friends. I got married in college, and the first order of business when we moved in together was to get cats. Then we moved into a house, and I did something crazy. I got a dog.
Now I have a small menagerie at my house. Two cats - Chloe (white+black) and Stella (Siamese mix), and a seven-month old chocolate lab - Winston. They are every bit as fun as they are frustrating, but their sweet looks and cuddles make up for their (sometimes) bad behavior. 
I never had a dog growing up, so I really knew nothing about how to pick a dog, how to train one, etc. I started my research on the internet, and learned about different breeds until I found the best fit for my lifestyle. After I settled on getting a lab, I spent about a month or so reading everything I could find about how to train a dog. We've taught Winston everything ourselves - no obedience school over here. I don't think you really need it if you're willing to do your research, and invest the time to train your dog yourself. Winston will sit, stay, lay down, shake both hands, give high fives, speak, and get on his bed all on command. 
We introduced Winston to his kitty cat sisters when he was just a baby, so he's grown up with them being around and being in charge. They get along splendidly, and really love each other. I really couldn't ask for better, loving pets. They bring me so much happiness; they are really great teachers of patience, and wonderful examples of unconditional love. 
My recommendation would be to get cats if you want low-maintenance pets. They basically take care of themselves. Before you get a dog, do your research. And then, get a dog only if you're willing and able to take care of them - they are a huge time and monetary investment, but so rewarding and definitely worth it.

Alyssa blogs at Huzzahs From a Street // Instagram // Pinterest

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  1. I love your furry menagerie and your dog sounds like a well-trained cookie!