Friday, April 26, 2013

Furry Fridays: Life on Cephei

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
This Furry Friday features Stacey and some special kittens.
Hi, I'm Stacey from Life on Cephei. I have my own cat, Indi but I would like to talk about my foster kittens instead. 
I currently foster two kittens, roughly eight weeks old, they were surrendered by their owners and haven't had a mum to look after them. My job is to look after the kittens as a surrogate mother and owner until they are old enough and healthy enough to be adopted out. Sometimes these kittens are too young to have been weaned properly, so I will sit with them feeding them mushed kitten food via a syringe until they are able to eat on their own. It is very similar to looking after a child, cleaning up poop and vomit and having them cry during the middle of the night for food or a warm body. I find it very rewarding, being able to watch them grow up and be adopted out to a loving family. As much as I would love to keep every kitten that I foster, I know I am doing a good thing looking after them as there are too many cats in Australia and the euthanasia rate is quite high.

Save a life and adopt or foster a pet.

Stacey blogs at Life on Cephei // Goodreads

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