Friday, April 5, 2013

Furry Fridays: Little Maple Leaf

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
Today we have Jessica and her pretty furriness Minni!

My boyfriend & I had just moved into a new apartment before we realized something was missing. A furry little friend to love & cherish!
We were looking at some of the local ads and saw that a woman's cat had soft little kitties that she needed to give away. We fell in love with a photo of a furry little Calico and went immediately to adopt her! When we arrived at the woman's house, there were so many cute little kitties but I saw the one we came for, the Calico! When I went to pick her up, she seemed so squeamish & scared. From the corner of my eye as I was holding the Calico, I saw a small little orange furball of love staring at me by herself away from the clump of her brothers & sisters. I put down the Calico & picked up the orange kitty who nuzzled into my neck and didn't try to pull away. My heart died a little at that moment. 
 "I don't know what to do! The calico is sooo cute but THIS kitty is so lovable!" That's when John challenged me to "Rock, Paper, Scissors" because I seriously could not decide which kitty I wanted to go with. He won, and we were to take the Calico kitty home. As we were walking out the door I looked behind me and the orange kitty was sitting on the arm of the couch (away from all the other kittens) staring at us.
"NOOOO!! I can't do this. We have to take the orange kitten. That's what my heart is telling me!" 
Sure enough, we put down the Calico and went with the orange kitten who is now Minni! I had to trust what my whole body was telling me. If we didn't turn around and take Minni instead, I would've regretted that decision everyday! My advice to anyone searching for a furry little friend is to always trust what your heart is telling you. If a furry little friend isn't telepathically calling your name, hold off & wait for that moment to happen! And, I promise it will!
My advice to keeping a happy & healthy little pet (and keep in mind this is what we do in our home) is to give them lots of fresh water throughout the day and to make sure you feed them twice a day! Also, if they are being cute & cuddly, a few treats here & there doesn't hurt one bit! Also make sure you clean their litter box & often-that's just self explanatory. Another quick piece of advice I have for kitty owners, is to get them one of those (slightly) expensive cat towers. Minni loves hers & I can't picture her without it. She is at her prime when she is up there and it's where she spends probably 80% of her life. If you don't want to spend the $100+ for the tower, they would be super easy to make as it's just wood with carpet over top. So if you're crafty, definitely something to think about. 

Even though I'm not an animal blogger (I'm a photography blogger) you can visit my blog here: Little Maple Leaf

Jessica blogs at  Little Maple Leaf // Twitter

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  1. This story is too cute! Glad you had gone with the gut instinct to adopt Minni instead of the calico. I'm sure you made the right choice :)