Friday, May 24, 2013

Furry Fridays: The Nautical Owl


Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
This Furry Friday features the sweet Megan and Jarvis!!!

Some back story about my little man:
His name is Jarvis (Jarsopholus if you're feelin' fancy, or JarJar if you're spunky) and he is 8 months old.
He is named after Ironman's butler.He is a bulldog mix. Mix with what? We haven't a clue. Our best guesses are doberman or pitbull.
Unfortunately our baby boy is diagnosed with malabsorption - a disease that affects how his body breaks down food to use its vitamins. This is a continuing saga while learn and adapt to his dietary needs. We are training him to become certified as a canine good citizen which means he can become a therapy dog or do other charity work with me. His favorite thing is to do is snuggle with mommy or his brother Hank. And of course, do outfit posts!
Jarvis Pupdate: His tests came back negative for parasites and his vitals are stable. Our vet believes he has malabsorption, which is a genetic disease where his pancreas doesn't make the enzymes needed for him to get nutrients from food. This explains all his symptoms, most notably his lack of weight gain. Unfortunately, the blood panels needed to confirm this is $231, not covering the enzymatic treatment. Little guy has been switched to a high-protein/high-calorie diet until we can move forward with making him better.

Megan blogs at The Nautical Owl // Facebook // Twitter // Etsy

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  1. I love her blog and feel so badly for her pup! Praying for them.

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