Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kitchen Remodel (Part 1)

These are the before shots of our kitchen (well, Jonathan had started a little demo before I reminded him to take the before shots!). I'm sad to say but the disorganization featured in these pictures is pretty standard, don't judge. 

So, our complete kitchen remodel has begun. The kitchen was one room in our home we haven't touched (other than daily use of course) since we moved in. The cabinets are cheapy wood which are not worth the time or energy to fix and are painted a horrible red. The layout is not working for us and the lack of workable counter space is a daily frustration. Let's talk about the main reason a redo is needed, a dishwasher! Currently, I'm using a portable one that needs to be wheeled across the room to use. Very annoying. With the current cabinets there is no way to add a dishwasher without loosing all of our usable lower cabinet space. Aside from the dishwasher reason, we also find the cabinets have lots of wasted space and hopefully our new design will resolve that. We are creating a new back entry way into our home. The current back door opens into the top of our basement stairway. I have nightmares of little children or elderly relatives falling down the stairs when walking into our house. It needed addressed. Reminder, the kitchen is only the sub-floor now since we removed the old tile to discover this!

So for the next couple week, months?? you'll get some little updates on this awesomely exciting project for us!!! I can't wait to have the kitchen done!


  1. how exciting!! can't wait to see the progress. the dishwasher situation does not sound fun! we have basically the same except kitchen stove, but gas...i can't wait to update our appliances. i THINK we might paint our cabinets, but they are a weird finish (like shiny but i think wood...) hopefully we can start making some changes in there later this summer or in fall!

  2. oooh can't wait to see the progress/reveal. my kitchen is basically original to our 1940s house and i cannot wait to update it!
    -- jackie - jade and oak
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