Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What's blowing my mind lately

Man, what's been blowing my mind lately are old people! Well, anyone that is past retirement age. I know 60 is the new 35 or whatever but I'm going to be a jerk and say they're old.

Here's why they're blowing my mind:
- Some of the older generation that I know are always complaining about their lack of free time. It's like, dude, you can do whatever, whenever. You have no one to answer to but yourself. If you don't have any free time to learn how to play the guitar which has been a life long dream of yours, then do it. Cancel the every other Wednesday lunch date with the other old people down the street and take a guitar lesson.

- Mo' Money Mo' Problems. If you can go to the bank and they had you a check to buy a vacation property no questions asked then don't complain about your lack of funds. We are just starting out over here and like most young people we are getting by but write out some big checks monthly to student loans and what not. Your house is paid off, you only pay cash for every thing, you gots money so stop complaining!

- These old guys, they have too many hobbies! Maybe you don't have any free time (see #1) because you have more hobbies than JoAnn Fabrics! You fly helicopters, you rebuild classic cars, you breed dogs, you have a passion for landscaping. How about you pick your favorite and stick too it!

- Stuff! I know I will be just as bad when I'm an old bitty, but man old people have so much stuff! Plus if you go to a public sale most of the other bidders are old people. It's like you probably don't need more stuff fellow retirees. Some of these people I know have double if not triple of everything! Cars, boats, trailers, campers, motorcycles, houses, bikes, really anything I can think of. Settle down! You have too many hobbies as it is!

This all started when I watched my neighbor wash his car which is maybe one of his favorite hobbies. You know how many times I've washed my car this year? ZERO! Ain't no body got time for that!

(This post is in no way about said neighbor. I know some elderly people are on a fixed income, I know that and I know some of them. I'm just saying that rant was about some of these elderly folk who I know and make me a little frustrated, and let's be honest a little jealous because aren't we all just really excited about retirement?!?!?)

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  1. Seriously with the time thing! 'Oh I can't do dinner, I have tennis at 11am'. What?! You have all the time in the world!