Monday, June 24, 2013


Last week I went to Alt Summit in New York City. Or what us bloggers quickly labeled as AltNYC. I had the idea, I found a friend that was willing to travel with me (thanks Kate!!), I successfully bought tickets and booked a hotel room and made it there but I was scared. It's so intimidating to be in a room full of bloggers, they all look fabulous, they are all crazy talented and they all seem to have their shit together. Even after thinking about what I was going to say when I got the question "What do you blog about?"I still just mumbled some crap like my dogs, my sweet vintage camper, ummmmm dumb stuff my husband says to me. I had no clear answer, not like some pros I met who have mission statements for their site.

I'm glad I took the time, money and energy to go to Alt Summit. I really am. It made me think about this space. Not like I'm going to quit my day job and be a professional blogger or anything, but I am going to devote some more time to it. I need to get MY shit together.

I also saw Martha Stewart.

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  1. thank YOU! it was so much fun! our blogs are going to be so bad ass now, i can just feel it.