Friday, June 7, 2013

Furry Fridays: Two Steps Forward

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Today, meet Jenny & her Fur Crew!

I am the proud mommy of three fur babies, a five-year-old rottweiler/husky mix (we call her a rotsky) named Dakota, a four-year-old orange tabby named Nachos, and a three-year-old orange and white tabby named Muenster. Nachos and Muenster are actually brothers, from two different litters. They have the same mother cat, and we think the same father cat but cannot be certain.
When I first started dating my now husband, Thom, he already had Dakota. At the time, I had a fear of dogs, and was more than a little nervous about being around her. The first time I met Dakota, she growled at me, and scared the living daylights out of me. Within a matter of days, things changed. Dakota is now my adventure buddy. She loves to go hiking with me, and I even bought her a hiking pack of her own. We have climbed two mountains together. I swear she is part mountain goat. The first time I took her up a mountain, a snarky old guy was coming down while I was going up. He looked at me and Dakota and scoffed, "Nice pooch, how exactly do you plan to get her up to the top?" At the time, I was not sure myself, but I ignored him. When we got to the steep part of the mountain, I was trying to figure out how to get myself up. I looked straight up, and there was Dakota, about 4 feet above me, all happy-panting with a face of "come on mom!" We are best buddies now, and no one believes me when I say that I used to strongly dislike dogs. 
Nachos came into my life shortly after I moved in with Thom halfway across the country from where I grew up. I have always had kitties around, and while I enjoyed having a dog around, I was really homesick. Thom's mother had taken in a stray cat, and soon after found out she was pregnant. Nachos turned six weeks old on my birthday, and was the best birthday present I have ever gotten. He immediately became best buddies with Dakota. The still like to snuggle up together, and Nachos can frequently be found curled up in Dakota's kennel. He is very shy kitty, but once he warms up to you, he is extremely sweet and affectionate. He loves boxes and sunbeams, and on cold winter nights, will snuggle up with me and Thom, under the blankets. 
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Muenster arrived a year later. Thom's mother tried to get her cat fixed, only to find out that she was expecting another litter. I was at home with an inner ear infection and Thom had to run to his mother's house. Muenster toddled right up to Thom. He then curled up in Thom's shirt pocket and went to sleep. He was a little over six weeks old at the time and fully weaned. Not wanting to wake a sleeping baby, Thom brought him home. Muenster and Nachos immediately bonded, and have been inseparable since. Wherever Nachos curls up to go to sleep, Muenster is usually close by, often times snuggled up with him. We refer to our boys as "the brother's cheese."
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Tip for choosing a pet: Let your pet choose you. Before adopting, visit the litter, or have an interaction at the local shelter. When your furbaby finds you, you will know.
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Pet care tip: Both of our kitties had ear mites when they first came home. We treated them with olive oil and it worked like a charm. There are a lot of over-the-counter (and pricey) ear mite medications available at your local pet shop, but olive oil is the best. The oil will smother the mites and their larvae while at the same time soothing your pet's ears. Just a few drops and you should see improvement in a day or two.

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