Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kitchen Remodel (Part 2)

 One thing I've always wanted in this house is a new back door. Now I'm not talking about just a fancy new door, I'm talking whole new door location! The current back door enters into our basement stairway and then you have to step up into the kitchen. So a baby or a drunk visitor could take two steps in the wrong direction and fall down the basement steps. It's a liability! So I wanted the back door to enter straight into the kitchen like a normal door should.
Above is the "before" of the back of our house.

Here is the new door location. We are eliminating the window for more wall cabinet space and getting a door with full glass so we don't loose any of the natural light in the room.

 Jonathan framed in the new door and did everything needed to secure the door in. It's more work than I would have imagined, but really am I surprised placing a door where there wasn't one before?!?

Next up- closing in the old back door!

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  1. that's awesome! i'm super impressed...moving a door seems crazy to me and my limited knowledge of house renos! way to go, jonathan!