Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bits of Becky: July

What's been happening in my life lately and with some Instagram shots from the month! (follow me @bforbecky)

Reading: A whole lotta nothing besides baby websites and blogs.

Watching: A new season of Project Runway is on! It's my favorite show and it's funny when I have to pause the show to describe to my husband the difference between gathering/shirring and puckering. I also had to do a mini "how that would be patterned" demo to get him to understand shirring and how it's done. Yes there is a big difference between how to add fullness for gathering and how to add pleats. 

Listening: I got a new ride that came with a Sirius trial so I am listening to all the Howard Stern I can until the trial is over!

Crafting: I am working on crocheting a baby blanket! I started as soon as I discovered I was expecting so it's gender neutral but still super cute. Also, craft club this month was friendship bracelets!!

Offline: Geez, July was a busy month! We built a boat, a goodbye to my BFF who moved back to the other side of the country, bridge jumping and floating creek, purple hair, Dr. Dog in concert, and a growing bump.

Photo info: boat in progress, craft club, Pearl in the garage, 14 week bump, my man in his garage, my biff, lazy Joy, 15 week bump, the finished boat, iron bridge, my first nursery purchase, Dr Dog concert and J's beer, my purple hair and Lottie's watermelon locks, Pearl x2 and 17 week bump 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Furry Fridays: B is for Becky (again)

Brought to you weekly by Becky and Steph

I know I've already done a legit Furry Friday post of my cute little fur faces and myself, but today I wanted to zone in on my one fur lady who feels like she doesn't get enough love, like ever. That fur lady is Pearl. 
First thing about Pearl is that the older she gets the more I am convinced that she is part cat. Jonathan and I always joked around that Pearl had some cat blood in her but now I am sure of it. Like a cat Pearl perches on the back of our chair in the living room. From this spot she can see into most of rooms on the first floor as well as a clear view of of our front windows. So this makes Pearl feel like she is he queen of the castle and that she doesn't have to get up for anyone or anything. You can call her name for hours and even bribe her with food and she will not for the life of her get off the top of the chair. 
I always thought it was funny when Pearl was a puppy she was the craziest little thing ever and would want to run and play allllll day. Our older dog, Griffin, would be what we called a "fun regulator". Anytime Pearl was having too much fun he would break into the mix, bark his head off and put an end to the fun. Now that Pearl is the older dog she is becoming the fun regulator! When Joy is happy bouncing around with a toy in her mouth, Pearl will jump in and snatch the toy away to kill any fun in the house. She is becoming a little grouchy pup that's for sure. 

Whatever she may say on the Internet is not true though, Pearl is still very much spoiled rotten. She sleeps in luxury all day either on our chair back or on a comfy dog bed. She may say she is starved, but I know for a fact she gets plenty of food and Joy likes to share her left overs with Pearl. She just likes to act like a tortured soul even though she is living the good life over here! 

Becky blogs at B is for Becky  // Tweets // Pinterest // Bloglovin' // Instagram 

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Making: 1st Trimester

The 1st Trimester
The 1st trimester, eh. I really have nothing to complain about with the 1st trimester other than it just felt unreal. You don't want to tell anyone, you don't want to day dream too hard, you don't want to start looking at baby gear online because it just seems too early. But that's alllllll I wanted to do. I would sit down to blog but ended up looking at cute nurseries on Pinterest for hours and day dream my little heart away.

Here's another thing, I can't keep secrets. I'm horrible at it and luckily my high school days are over so don't have to keep dumb secrets all the time! This is the biggest secret, like ever. I of course had my husband to share the news with but we both were bursting at the seams to tell people. I gushed to my BFF maybe the day after I found out and Jonathan told one of his friends but for the most part we kept it under wraps until I was 10 weeks. It was a super long ten weeks.

Things I thought about during my 1st trimester
- Elastic waists will soon be my BFF and all my new summer dresses have them.
- That whole eating for 2 thing is pretty much a lie because you only need 300 more calories a day. It's bullshit.
- As soon as I told my co-workers I was expecting they said they knew because my face was "filling out". Now I'm paranoid I have a fatter face than usual.
- Here is something no one tells you about pregnancy, TMI so skip over it if you don't want to know- there is like panty liner worthy goodness down there like every day. What's up with that?
- People ask me questions that I have never thought about like the moment I tell them there is a bun in the oven. Like what are you going to name it and what stroller are you getting, etc. I'm like dude, I'm more shocked that I'm pregnant than you are so give me a solid four months and I may finally know in what area of the house the baby will sleep. Give me some time.
- I really loved olives, like eat them straight out of the jar since before I knew I was pregnant to about 12 weeks. Now I can't even look at that jar. I'm tempted to throw them away.
- I'm thankful my husband really does love me because the mood swings are outta this world. He has nicely told me to go lay down and cry about it while he makes dinner. That one was over me waiting in a long line at AC Moore. Whoa cray cray.

Over all the first part of this baby making process has been good but I've got a long way to go!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Furry Fridays: Come Fur with us!


We started Furry Fridays in November of 2012 and it has been a huge success, spotlighting families of pets from all over.  We want to continue to share these love stories with all of our fans, so we invite all of our followers to write their pet stories and send them in! Remember that they don't have to be furry, we have featured feathered and scaly friends too! The post will be featured on both A Geek in Glasses and B is for Becky.

Here is what we are looking for:
 Do you love your pet and want to be featured on Furry Fridays? Send your story of pet love, up to 5 pictures, tip about choosing a pet, how to rescue an animal or pet care tip and a link to your website/blog/etsy/twitter/facebook/etc.

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We couldn't have done it without these lovely people! So here is a great big THANK YOU to all of our features:
Jen, Motorhead and Ronnie James Dio from Betties N Brimstone
Aimee and her adorable Chihuahua, Chuy from Irresistible Pets
Sarah and Floyd from Total Basset Case
Sofia G and her fur family from The Daily Miacis
Megan and Jarvis from The Nautical Owl
Amanda & Charlie
Stacey and her kittens from Life on Cephei
Joy and Ghandi from Comfy Town Chronicles
Allison and Whitney from Okay Allison
Danielle and Huckelberry from Taking Notes...Coast to Coast
Jessica and Minni from Little Maple Leaf
Becky, Pearl and Joy from B is for Becky
Kelsey and Angie from Harbor Cottage
Stephanie and Walter from Life, Actually
Alyssa and her menagerie from Huzzahs From a Street
Jackie, Bowie and Rosie from Jackie Jade
Jes and her cat collection from The Militant Baker
Madison, Axle and Clover from At The Dog Park
Autumn and her feathery friend Cosmo from Stay Gold Autumn
Taylor and Lucy from Nothing but a Pigeon
Stephanie, Jack, Aj and Brownie from A Geek In Glasses
Kate and Henry from A Peony for Your Thoughts 
Alycia, Monty and Mabel from The Curious Pug
Trish and Tootsie Roll from JellyBones
Katherine and Teemo from Corgis & Cocktails
Jen, Bryn, Abby & Napoleon from Life, Love and Puppy Paws
Jessie and fur family from My Mod Style
Barbara and her owners from Words, Words, Words...
A memorial from James of Daddy Space
Brittany and Buddy from The Domestic Geek
Kristen, Boo Boo and Moosie from A Day in the Life of Me
Sinea, Sadie and Lexi from Puppies-Puppies

We love all of the pictures of our featured pets, here are just some of the favorite shots:


Hen Pic 5


me and my corgi

furryfriday10 photo furryfridays11_zpsfb3acba5.jpg

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Furry Fridays: Betties N Brimstone

FurryFridayBrought to you by Steph and Becky!
Met Jen, Motorhead and Ronnie James Dio!
Hi, my name is Jen and I write at the blog Betties N Brimstone along with my friend Stephanie.  I also make and sell hair accessories and jewelry over at my Etsy shop, called Hell Razor.
I live in the Chicago suburbs with my husband, Todd, and our one-and-a-half-year-old son, Iggy.  We have two dogs as well!  So things are often a little crazy over by us!  Let me tell you about my two pups…
Motorhead is our first dog.  We rescued him not long after we moved into our house.  We had previously lived in a condo on the third floor, so we held off on pets until we knew we were in a place where we had a backyard (I’m way too lazy to take a dog up and down three flights of stairs multiple times a day!).
We found Motorhead via the Petfinder app!  I always wanted a Boston Terrier, so we started looking under the Boston Terrier search term.  Motor was from a litter of three pups (don’t worry, his two sisters were also adopted!) that claimed to be part Boston Terrier and part Boxer (Motor’s mom was a brindle Boxer).  The photos of him were so adorable – he was only about 8 weeks old or so (we’re guessing) when we first found him. 
Although I know that Boxers are considerably larger than Boston Terriers, I thought to myself “oh I bet he won’t get THAT much bigger…” which of course, was completely untrue.  Motor is about three years old now, and 65 pounds of muscle-y awesomeness.  He looks like a Pit Bull to most people we meet in public, and it may be true that there’s a little of that in him… but we’ll never know.
Motor is the most gentle dog you’ll ever meet.  When we first brought Iggy home, we worried about how they might get along.  Our concerns were quickly laid to rest when we saw how careful Motor was (and is) around Iggy, even when Iggy decides to do something impulsive toddler-style, like haul off and whack him with a toy.  Motor just looks at me like, “Uh, hey Mom?  Can you do something about this guy over here?”
I love Motor.
Ronnie James Dio is our brand new little girl puppy.  Her dad is a Boston Terrier, and her mom is a French Bulldog.  This we know for sure, because Dio is a puppy from the litter our tattoo artist’s dog gave birth to earlier in the year!  We weren’t necessarily looking for a second dog when Dio came into our lives.  I’d always toyed with the idea of getting a second dog eventually, and I knew I wanted a Boston Terrier (for real this time!). 
When we saw that Bunny (our tattoo artist’s dog) had given birth to a litter of puppies, I became obsessed with the photos that were being posted on instagram.  I left a comment inquiring about the fate of these cute little guys and girls (there were six of them!), and to my surprise, we were offered one, if we wanted.
It took a lot of soul-searching and discussion between my husband and I to decide whether or not we were ready to go for a second dog, but the timing (right before summer break) and the situation of knowing the momma pup was too good to pass up, so we went ahead and dove in.
Dio is a HANDFUL.  She is not the calm, laid-back dog that is Motor.  But she is still a tiny puppy. She’s only about 14-15 weeks old right now, so she has a long way to go.  We remember how crazy Motorhead was when he was a puppy, and how house-training and chewing up the wrong things can seem like an exhausting task – especially when we’re also chasing around a baby.
But seeing Iggy and Dio interact and having them grow up together is really priceless.  Iggy giggles when Dio jumps up and licks him, but then quickly turns to crying when she won’t let up!  When it’s time to eat, she jumps and spins multiple times in a row because she is so excited.  Cracks me up every time.
People have lots and lots of advice to give on raising and training dogs.  I would say that, just like most anything else in life, you need to choose the route that works best for you.  Everyone will say, “Oh you SHOULD do this, or, you SHOULD do that,” but just nod, say thank you, and move on your merry way.  Move at the pace that feels right for you. 
We didn’t let Motor off of the leash in our own yard for a very long time – he wouldn’t come when we called him (despite our best efforts), and I didn’t want him to run away (although yes he is microchipped).  It seemed like it took him longer than other dogs (our neighbor adopted a Labra-doodle around the same time as we got Motor) to get the hang of responding to us.  He was a stubborn guy, but now he can run around the yard – even if the gate is open – and he doesn’t try to run away and will come inside when we call him.  He just needed time, and had a different personality/temperament than other dogs/breeds.  So be patient and feel out what works for you.


I invite you to stop on by the blog and etsy shop anytime!  Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor/Betties N Brimstone

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Big News!!!

So, if you regulars noticed I've been more than flaky around these parts for the past couple months  this is why! I've had lots on my mind but it was too early to share with the world. I'll be back to my normal blogging self soon with an added mini Stets to talk about!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Furry Fridays: The Daily Miacis

Brought to you by Steph and Becky!
This week meet Sofia G from The Daily Miacis!

Since I am a child I can remember living with animals, everywhere I've been. Even when I was in university with had a cat named Marrie (funny, she wasn't white as the Aristocats character). If I could, I would have all the animals I could shelter, but that's impossible. I say everytime that if by some luck I would win the lottery I would create a shelter to have all the animals I would caught and treat them well. Nowadays, I have 4 furry friends, about less than a month ago I had 5, each one with different personality. This is a way to honor my little dog I can say that. 
I have a German Shepard that speaks English ( and I am Portuguese). The previous owner was a friend from my mother, and he was English, and he had to move permanently to England. The dog was on the Veterinnary Hospital where my mom works for like 3 weeks. No one would adopt him because he was 5 years. Mom loved so much the dog that she brought him home. But there was another reason to that. And the reason was my little one that died a few weeks ago, Jennifer Lanosa DeVil aka Jenny, a Yorkshire Terrier.

Picture 1
Jenny was given to me on my birthday.  I was 12 turning 13. She was so little! On the same day she came to home, I didn't see her and... I sit on her! Since then we became so connected. She would follow me everywhere I would go. And she was a lady! Oh I can guarantee you that! She would seat on the best sofas of the house and pee on the best carpets on the floor. And she snored.. Like a monster! So loud! She was my baby. unfortunately, this breed have a lot of articulations problems. Since she was young she had problems, and then she had a cancer. But she was fine, she had life quality.Prince brought her so much life. By the time he came home, she didn't could climb the stairs. In one moth she was young again! But old caught up with her and she died of a kidney faillure. My little, hope you are truly on heaven.

Picture 2
But has much I love dogs, I have do admit, I am a cat lady. I have 3 cats. My old one is Quinas. She is the more indepedent anti social cat I've known. With age she turned more softer, but still, she only uses our home as a hotel :breakfast and bed. And fast as she can. Her mother was so mean that she bit my mom leg so hard that the mandibula and jaw were printed with all the teeths she had. Still, she is ours, and she keeps our garden clean from moles.

Picture 3
My middle, is Tom. This is my best cuddler! And the cat that have a strong connection with me. He came to my life when I had a problem on my feet and I had to spent a lot of time at home. I would only go to school and nothing more. And I wanted a gray cat. This happens on a year that people put cat littlers on the front if the veterinnary has in the olden days people would put orphans on the orphanage. So mom gave me this little cat. But his sister, which a friend of my mom adopt her, was with cat flu, and Tom when came home was also with cat flu. He had such a strong breath, with so much noise, that I would know everywhere he was at home. It was easy to find him. I had so much afraid to loose him! But he was a fighter and in 2 weeks, everything was well. He was the first cat to... cuddle on my hair. Yes, he would do on my hair like the littke kittens when are breast feeding on their mom's.But he was adorable, we would sleep with me, play with me, even work with me! Although he had all the luxury at home, he prefer liberty. So he spends the day outside, jumping in the fields. running from Prince, lay in the dirt. He is so happy :)

Picture 4
My youngest it's Sam. Sam, when came home was already 3 months. I was operated for like two weeks, I still would walk with crutches. He was caught on the street, alone, scared by two young boys He was well cared, so he probably run from some home. But no one came to the veterinnary claim him. So he came to me. I have this theory altough everybody calls me nuts. In the beginning when I raised my hands to pet him on the head, he would cower and closed his eyes like I would beat him. I think the home he run off would not be a good place. He is happy with me, I can say that. He sleeps on my yoga carpet, that it's all messed up, eat my chives, and spread hair all over the place. He loves to be with me when I'm gardening on my balcony and to scared the life out of Prince. But what I love the most, the sweet thing he has, his that he follows my grandmother everywhere. It's more antisocial than Tom but it's a sweet.

Picture 5

Sofia G
Sofia blogs at The Daily Miacis // Twitter // Facebook

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

Have a good holiday weekend friends! Stay safe, don't party too hard and if you get the chance go get your camp on!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Bits of Becky: June

What's been happening in my life lately and with some Instagram shots from the month! (follow me @bforbecky)

Reading: I read the first two books in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. This is my first return to YA novels in a long time and I remembered why I stopped reading them. I'm so tired of the lead femine roles being weak or just so dumb that its extremely frusterating to read. 

Watching: This is my first season of watching America's Got Talent. Heidi Klum lured me in!

Listening: Nothing new that's for sure. My favorite Pandora stations lately are "Today's Comedy" genre station and the Lana Del Ray station.

Crafting: Crocheting my heart away on a little something special for myslef.

Offline: The kitchen remodel is still underway! A trip to ALT Summit in NYC. I traded my little Mini in- sad day. Celebrated Jonathan turning the big 31! 

Photo Info: Pups through our new back door, blooming poppies in the garden, a very furry Joy, Pearl in her regular spot, Joy enjoying the new kitchen cabinets, ALT, one of the last shots of my mini ever, hanging with my bloggin' friend Kate and Joy after her fresh summer cut.