Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Making: 1st Trimester

The 1st Trimester
The 1st trimester, eh. I really have nothing to complain about with the 1st trimester other than it just felt unreal. You don't want to tell anyone, you don't want to day dream too hard, you don't want to start looking at baby gear online because it just seems too early. But that's alllllll I wanted to do. I would sit down to blog but ended up looking at cute nurseries on Pinterest for hours and day dream my little heart away.

Here's another thing, I can't keep secrets. I'm horrible at it and luckily my high school days are over so don't have to keep dumb secrets all the time! This is the biggest secret, like ever. I of course had my husband to share the news with but we both were bursting at the seams to tell people. I gushed to my BFF maybe the day after I found out and Jonathan told one of his friends but for the most part we kept it under wraps until I was 10 weeks. It was a super long ten weeks.

Things I thought about during my 1st trimester
- Elastic waists will soon be my BFF and all my new summer dresses have them.
- That whole eating for 2 thing is pretty much a lie because you only need 300 more calories a day. It's bullshit.
- As soon as I told my co-workers I was expecting they said they knew because my face was "filling out". Now I'm paranoid I have a fatter face than usual.
- Here is something no one tells you about pregnancy, TMI so skip over it if you don't want to know- there is like panty liner worthy goodness down there like every day. What's up with that?
- People ask me questions that I have never thought about like the moment I tell them there is a bun in the oven. Like what are you going to name it and what stroller are you getting, etc. I'm like dude, I'm more shocked that I'm pregnant than you are so give me a solid four months and I may finally know in what area of the house the baby will sleep. Give me some time.
- I really loved olives, like eat them straight out of the jar since before I knew I was pregnant to about 12 weeks. Now I can't even look at that jar. I'm tempted to throw them away.
- I'm thankful my husband really does love me because the mood swings are outta this world. He has nicely told me to go lay down and cry about it while he makes dinner. That one was over me waiting in a long line at AC Moore. Whoa cray cray.

Over all the first part of this baby making process has been good but I've got a long way to go!


  1. yay, i love a good pregnancy post! oh, coworkers...they always know just what to say. your face is not filling out! do you feel like you're 16 when you're telling people you're pregnant? i feel like i totally would. looking good, friend! :)

  2. This literally made me laugh out loud! I love the panty liner part hahahahah! The honesty of this post is refreshing. By the way I'll take your old olives.

  3. This was hilarious..I can't wait to read the rest!