Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bits of Becky: July

What's been happening in my life lately and with some Instagram shots from the month! (follow me @bforbecky)

Reading: A whole lotta nothing besides baby websites and blogs.

Watching: A new season of Project Runway is on! It's my favorite show and it's funny when I have to pause the show to describe to my husband the difference between gathering/shirring and puckering. I also had to do a mini "how that would be patterned" demo to get him to understand shirring and how it's done. Yes there is a big difference between how to add fullness for gathering and how to add pleats. 

Listening: I got a new ride that came with a Sirius trial so I am listening to all the Howard Stern I can until the trial is over!

Crafting: I am working on crocheting a baby blanket! I started as soon as I discovered I was expecting so it's gender neutral but still super cute. Also, craft club this month was friendship bracelets!!

Offline: Geez, July was a busy month! We built a boat, a goodbye to my BFF who moved back to the other side of the country, bridge jumping and floating creek, purple hair, Dr. Dog in concert, and a growing bump.

Photo info: boat in progress, craft club, Pearl in the garage, 14 week bump, my man in his garage, my biff, lazy Joy, 15 week bump, the finished boat, iron bridge, my first nursery purchase, Dr Dog concert and J's beer, my purple hair and Lottie's watermelon locks, Pearl x2 and 17 week bump 

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