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Furry Fridays: Betties N Brimstone

FurryFridayBrought to you by Steph and Becky!
Met Jen, Motorhead and Ronnie James Dio!
Hi, my name is Jen and I write at the blog Betties N Brimstone along with my friend Stephanie.  I also make and sell hair accessories and jewelry over at my Etsy shop, called Hell Razor.
I live in the Chicago suburbs with my husband, Todd, and our one-and-a-half-year-old son, Iggy.  We have two dogs as well!  So things are often a little crazy over by us!  Let me tell you about my two pups…
Motorhead is our first dog.  We rescued him not long after we moved into our house.  We had previously lived in a condo on the third floor, so we held off on pets until we knew we were in a place where we had a backyard (I’m way too lazy to take a dog up and down three flights of stairs multiple times a day!).
We found Motorhead via the Petfinder app!  I always wanted a Boston Terrier, so we started looking under the Boston Terrier search term.  Motor was from a litter of three pups (don’t worry, his two sisters were also adopted!) that claimed to be part Boston Terrier and part Boxer (Motor’s mom was a brindle Boxer).  The photos of him were so adorable – he was only about 8 weeks old or so (we’re guessing) when we first found him. 
Although I know that Boxers are considerably larger than Boston Terriers, I thought to myself “oh I bet he won’t get THAT much bigger…” which of course, was completely untrue.  Motor is about three years old now, and 65 pounds of muscle-y awesomeness.  He looks like a Pit Bull to most people we meet in public, and it may be true that there’s a little of that in him… but we’ll never know.
Motor is the most gentle dog you’ll ever meet.  When we first brought Iggy home, we worried about how they might get along.  Our concerns were quickly laid to rest when we saw how careful Motor was (and is) around Iggy, even when Iggy decides to do something impulsive toddler-style, like haul off and whack him with a toy.  Motor just looks at me like, “Uh, hey Mom?  Can you do something about this guy over here?”
I love Motor.
Ronnie James Dio is our brand new little girl puppy.  Her dad is a Boston Terrier, and her mom is a French Bulldog.  This we know for sure, because Dio is a puppy from the litter our tattoo artist’s dog gave birth to earlier in the year!  We weren’t necessarily looking for a second dog when Dio came into our lives.  I’d always toyed with the idea of getting a second dog eventually, and I knew I wanted a Boston Terrier (for real this time!). 
When we saw that Bunny (our tattoo artist’s dog) had given birth to a litter of puppies, I became obsessed with the photos that were being posted on instagram.  I left a comment inquiring about the fate of these cute little guys and girls (there were six of them!), and to my surprise, we were offered one, if we wanted.
It took a lot of soul-searching and discussion between my husband and I to decide whether or not we were ready to go for a second dog, but the timing (right before summer break) and the situation of knowing the momma pup was too good to pass up, so we went ahead and dove in.
Dio is a HANDFUL.  She is not the calm, laid-back dog that is Motor.  But she is still a tiny puppy. She’s only about 14-15 weeks old right now, so she has a long way to go.  We remember how crazy Motorhead was when he was a puppy, and how house-training and chewing up the wrong things can seem like an exhausting task – especially when we’re also chasing around a baby.
But seeing Iggy and Dio interact and having them grow up together is really priceless.  Iggy giggles when Dio jumps up and licks him, but then quickly turns to crying when she won’t let up!  When it’s time to eat, she jumps and spins multiple times in a row because she is so excited.  Cracks me up every time.
People have lots and lots of advice to give on raising and training dogs.  I would say that, just like most anything else in life, you need to choose the route that works best for you.  Everyone will say, “Oh you SHOULD do this, or, you SHOULD do that,” but just nod, say thank you, and move on your merry way.  Move at the pace that feels right for you. 
We didn’t let Motor off of the leash in our own yard for a very long time – he wouldn’t come when we called him (despite our best efforts), and I didn’t want him to run away (although yes he is microchipped).  It seemed like it took him longer than other dogs (our neighbor adopted a Labra-doodle around the same time as we got Motor) to get the hang of responding to us.  He was a stubborn guy, but now he can run around the yard – even if the gate is open – and he doesn’t try to run away and will come inside when we call him.  He just needed time, and had a different personality/temperament than other dogs/breeds.  So be patient and feel out what works for you.


I invite you to stop on by the blog and etsy shop anytime!  Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor/Betties N Brimstone

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