Friday, July 5, 2013

Furry Fridays: The Daily Miacis

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This week meet Sofia G from The Daily Miacis!

Since I am a child I can remember living with animals, everywhere I've been. Even when I was in university with had a cat named Marrie (funny, she wasn't white as the Aristocats character). If I could, I would have all the animals I could shelter, but that's impossible. I say everytime that if by some luck I would win the lottery I would create a shelter to have all the animals I would caught and treat them well. Nowadays, I have 4 furry friends, about less than a month ago I had 5, each one with different personality. This is a way to honor my little dog I can say that. 
I have a German Shepard that speaks English ( and I am Portuguese). The previous owner was a friend from my mother, and he was English, and he had to move permanently to England. The dog was on the Veterinnary Hospital where my mom works for like 3 weeks. No one would adopt him because he was 5 years. Mom loved so much the dog that she brought him home. But there was another reason to that. And the reason was my little one that died a few weeks ago, Jennifer Lanosa DeVil aka Jenny, a Yorkshire Terrier.

Picture 1
Jenny was given to me on my birthday.  I was 12 turning 13. She was so little! On the same day she came to home, I didn't see her and... I sit on her! Since then we became so connected. She would follow me everywhere I would go. And she was a lady! Oh I can guarantee you that! She would seat on the best sofas of the house and pee on the best carpets on the floor. And she snored.. Like a monster! So loud! She was my baby. unfortunately, this breed have a lot of articulations problems. Since she was young she had problems, and then she had a cancer. But she was fine, she had life quality.Prince brought her so much life. By the time he came home, she didn't could climb the stairs. In one moth she was young again! But old caught up with her and she died of a kidney faillure. My little, hope you are truly on heaven.

Picture 2
But has much I love dogs, I have do admit, I am a cat lady. I have 3 cats. My old one is Quinas. She is the more indepedent anti social cat I've known. With age she turned more softer, but still, she only uses our home as a hotel :breakfast and bed. And fast as she can. Her mother was so mean that she bit my mom leg so hard that the mandibula and jaw were printed with all the teeths she had. Still, she is ours, and she keeps our garden clean from moles.

Picture 3
My middle, is Tom. This is my best cuddler! And the cat that have a strong connection with me. He came to my life when I had a problem on my feet and I had to spent a lot of time at home. I would only go to school and nothing more. And I wanted a gray cat. This happens on a year that people put cat littlers on the front if the veterinnary has in the olden days people would put orphans on the orphanage. So mom gave me this little cat. But his sister, which a friend of my mom adopt her, was with cat flu, and Tom when came home was also with cat flu. He had such a strong breath, with so much noise, that I would know everywhere he was at home. It was easy to find him. I had so much afraid to loose him! But he was a fighter and in 2 weeks, everything was well. He was the first cat to... cuddle on my hair. Yes, he would do on my hair like the littke kittens when are breast feeding on their mom's.But he was adorable, we would sleep with me, play with me, even work with me! Although he had all the luxury at home, he prefer liberty. So he spends the day outside, jumping in the fields. running from Prince, lay in the dirt. He is so happy :)

Picture 4
My youngest it's Sam. Sam, when came home was already 3 months. I was operated for like two weeks, I still would walk with crutches. He was caught on the street, alone, scared by two young boys He was well cared, so he probably run from some home. But no one came to the veterinnary claim him. So he came to me. I have this theory altough everybody calls me nuts. In the beginning when I raised my hands to pet him on the head, he would cower and closed his eyes like I would beat him. I think the home he run off would not be a good place. He is happy with me, I can say that. He sleeps on my yoga carpet, that it's all messed up, eat my chives, and spread hair all over the place. He loves to be with me when I'm gardening on my balcony and to scared the life out of Prince. But what I love the most, the sweet thing he has, his that he follows my grandmother everywhere. It's more antisocial than Tom but it's a sweet.

Picture 5

Sofia G
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  1. I love your furry features! I also can't get enough of that kitty pic mid meow!