Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bumps Galore


Okay, I know most of us bloggers are women and the blogs that I read we are all relatively close in age. You know what age that appears to be? Baby making age! Is it just me or have a lot of pregnancy announcements been filling up your bloglovin' feed? Maybe I am just more aware because I am one of those correct baby makers but I wanted to give a shout out to my fellow mamas to be and if you are interested in their baby making process go ahead and check them out. Their blogs are worth the jump!

In order of image above:
Kathleen from & Kathleen
Bethany from Treasures and Travels and This Ones for You
Melissa from Bubby and Bean
Savannah from Maiedae
Ashley from Southern (California) Belle
Meg from Henning Love
Danielle from Taking Notes Coast to Coast


  1. there are SOOO many pregnant bloggers right now! i swear there's an anouncement every day...i know most of these blogs, but am heading over to check out the ones i don't know yet! they are fueling this baby fever! ;)

  2. So true about the bump boom! I don't have a bump yet (but hopefully soon).

    Cute blog!