Friday, August 23, 2013

Furry Fridays: Ali Thompson Art


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Meet Ali & Sparkles from Ali Thompson Art

Hi! My name is Ali Thompson, and I'm an artist and blogger. My website is You can check out my blog and look at my art. Maybe you could buy some art, who knows?
But today, I am talking about my cats, not my art. Which is great, because almost any conversation I have with another pet owner will eventually turn into one about my cats. Were we talking about serious politics? Well, we're not any more because I have cats. And cats are way less depressing than politics.DSC00217
I have three cats-- Tifa, Foxy, and Sparkles. But I really want to talk about Sparkles the most.
Sparkles was 11 years old when I got her from the Philadelphia SPCA shelter. She had been there for 8 months, and she was pretty grumpy. And when I say grumpy, I mean she hated everything and everyone in the entire world.DSC00267
I didn't intend to get a third cat. I was trying to help my mom pick out a cat for herself, and I got caught by ads from people begging someone to take beloved pets they couldn't keep any more. I looked around my house, and I thought to myself, I can take another cat. I have room.
At the shelter, I had already picked out a different cat. A younger cat. A less angry cat.
But the staff of the shelter wanted me to meet Sparkles. She had been there so long, they said. We'll waive the fees, they said. She's really quite sweet, they said.
DSC_0115“RRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr!” said Sparkles, crouching in the back of a small cage, glaring her panther glare at me.
For some reason, I said ok. I'll take her. It might have been when I saw her vampire fangs.
Did I mention that she has vampire fangs? It's hard to tell in her pictures, and she doesn't really like having pictures taken. I think I fell in love with her a little right then when I saw her fangs.
And it's took a while for her to integrate into the house. She hid in the basement. She hid under the couch. She staked out under the table in the dining room and defended it which much growling.
She'll never be a lap cat, and she doesn't tolerate much foolishness like petting, unless it's from my boyfriend. She adores my boyfriend. And she's funny. She loves treats more than any other cat I've ever seen. We taught her to sit on command, because she'll do anything for treats.
I told you all that to tell you this. If you're thinking about adopting a pet, think about one that's older. Sparkles was someone else's pet, until they couldn't keep her anymore. Older animals have a hard time being adopted because they aren't as cute as a kitten or puppy. A lot of them were pets, and they're upset by being in the shelter. So they may not be as friendly as another cat, which means it's even harder for them to be adopted.SparklesBut I couldn't stand to think of Sparkles spending her cat retirement years in cat jail. And I've never been sorry. She's an excellent and awesome cat. So for your next new animal, think about going older.
Ali blogs at Ali Thompson Art // Tweets // YouTube
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