Friday, August 2, 2013

Furry Fridays: Cotton & Boots

Brought to you weekly by Becky and Steph
Today welcome Brooks and her two adorable fur children!!

Hello B is for Becky-ers!
I'm Brooks from Cotton & Boots. I'd love to introduce y'all to my two children. Yes, my children are my dogs.
That's Sinatra and Prim. Sinatra's the big, handsome lab and Prim's the minpin who will give you a run for your money.

Sinatra was my 18th birthday present and 7 years later, he's still going strong. He'll put your stamina to shame.  He is obsessed with water and can even manage to "swim" in a puddle. Sinatra will even play fetch with himself.  Oh, and another thing about Sinatra? He can sing. Yeah, you heard me.. my sweet boy can sing.  He loves to sing to Frank Sinatra, but he's starting to warm up to other artists too. You can see him crooning here.

And Prim? She's my baby girl, mountain goat, firecracker and pistol. She loves sitting in weird places.

And she loves Auburn football.

She's also known to sneak off before bedtime and slide under our covers - she's a smart cookie, that one. She's also our watchdog, our snuggler, and our trouble maker. You know the dogs that panic when you leave? That's her.

And together, they're partners in crime. Protecting our home from one bird at a time.

When it comes to choosing dogs, it was easy. I grew up with labs, they have such a great temperament and are extremely loyal. Minpin have that spunky personality that makes you wonder if they're human at times. Either way, when it comes to choosing a dog, research, research, research. Find what you want in a dog (coat length, temperament, size) and if all else fail, google it. I found the minpin breed through a friend of mine, so always ask around.

I hope y'all stop by and say hello to us over at Cotton & Boots

Brooks blogs at Cotton & Boots // Twitter // Instagram // Bloglovin

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  1. aww these two are super cute! love that they are saving the house 'one bird at a time'! :)