Friday, August 9, 2013

Furry Fridays: The Nautical Owl (again!)


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We featured Megan from The Nautical Owl and her pup Jarvis a couple months ago and today we are giving you a little update on his health status.

Me&Jarvis 8-5-13 002
Megan posted this about puppy Jarvis:
As you may know, back in May we started our journey in diagnosing him. Lots of support, love and money later we found out he has a disease called SIBO.
In early June, baby Jarvis weighed in at 30 pounds. He was grossly underweight. So much so, that you could see all of his ribs, his shoulder blades and even his hip bones. We knew something was wrong. And we had to act quickly. 
Through so much support with The Hungry Jarvis Fund we were able to cover half of his vet costs other sacrifices made up the rest. 
And I wanted to let you guys know that he is recovering beautifully. 
At last weigh in, he was 50 pounds.
This means in a little over a month, my little man has gained 20 pounds! Isn't that amazing? He's not so little anymore. I think he had a lot of growing up to catch up with. He's almost as big as his brother, Hank. Jarvis is acting more puppy than ever now. And he's really loving life!
Now, we are faced with normal dog issues that we could never address before because of the disease, like potty training. He's doing so well while in the house. But we are still having issues with him pottying in the kennel. It's been rough on that front. We'll pull through though.
Jarvis took us through a toxicity scare this past week. A trip to the emergency vet gave us little information besides the fact that he had eaten something poisonous to him. It was a rough 48 hours, but little man pulled through and it amazing again.
Just another set up. Poor guy has had many. 
And so has our bank account. Ugh.
He is still on his probiotic every day. As well as a vitamin, his prescription Tylan, calorie booster and specialty food. It's an expensive little bugger. But I love him so much. I really do. If you have any extra love to spare, I'd be so grateful if you could donate to the fund. It would me the world to us.
This is a before picture of Jarvis.
Here are current healthy and happy pictures!
Me&Jarvis 8-5-13 009
Me&Jarvis 8-5-13 011

Me&Jarvis 8-5-13 017

Megan blogs at The Nautical Owl // Facebook // Twitter // Etsy

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  1. what a little sweetheart. love hearing great stories like this and glad that he is doing better!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak