Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PA LOVE: Antiques Capital, USA

Antiques Capital, USA
Adamstown, PA
aka an area in Lancaster County that has more antique stores than you can shop in one day

On one of my summer Fridays off from work my friend and I craved some antique shopping. We headed to Lancaster County after hearing all this jazz about a mecca of antique stores in one area. After a full day of shopping (9am to 5pm) we had only ventured through 4 of of the 18 that are advertised! So for anyone into roaming antique stores this is the place to be.

My favorite (and the store where all the above pictures were taken at) was the Mad Hatter Antique Mall. There was a back corner of the shop that I pretty much could have just died in there was so much amazing merchandise. Plus a whole Pyrex room and Fiesta room!

Let's just say I need to go back to hit up the other shops I missed!

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  1. Growing up in Florida, I didn't know what a good antique/vintage shop was until I moved to the state. Have you been to New Hope? They have some amazing shops as well!