Friday, October 4, 2013

Bump Update

Just the bump saying what's up.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cape My, NJ

I'm hoarding my vacation time for when the baby comes, but this summer still called for a beach trip. So back in September Jonathan and I took the little Scotty camper to Cape May, NJ. I've never been to this cute little town (heck I've never been to the Jersey shore! I'm usually a Maryland shore girl.) but it came highly recommended and had a close campground so we tried it. Our campground was only 1 mile from the beach and town so it made it easy for us to bike around to see all the sights. The town is super cute and more low key than most beach towns I'm used to. Even though my lack of vacation time only allowed for a long weekend there we still had a fantastical time.

Things we did: Ate at the local favorite Hotdog Tommy's and Lobster House, beach time, relaxing, sight seeing the cute little houses in Cape May on our bikes and eating lots of ice cream. Cape May we're coming back for longer next summer for sure.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jonathan on Baby Bellies

Me: "Can you please not touch me right now?"
Jonathan: "That's MY baby's house so I can touch it when I want."

Also, this is the most hilarious picture to me. We don't take ourselves to seriously around here. Plus this was taken at a winery because I'm the classy pregnant DD at winery tastings. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bits of Becky: September

Umm, can someone please tell me where September went? Like for reals.
Ever since I've discovered I'm growing a bun in my oven time has flown by faster than normal. One day it's Monday and I feel like I wake up and it's Sunday morning and I have to do the whole damn thing over again. I have no time to breath. There is so much to do and I finally feel like I am getting things accomplished. My work schedule is back to normal so I'm not getting home after 7pm exhausted and with barely enough energy to eat. So hopefully I will start kicking butt and getting important things squared away like, painting a baby nursery and  finishing my baby blanket that I started WHEN I FOUND OUT I WAS PREGNANT! That was over 5 months ago! 
Anyways, here is what's been happening in my life lately and with some Instagram shots from the month! (follow me @bforbecky)

Reading: I just finished Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman. I felt like I had to read some motherly books but I didn't want anything terrifying or anything that would lecture me so I chose this one. Now I'm done with motherly books.

Watching: New Fall TV is back on. The only thing I can say I've actually watched though is How I Met Your Mother. It's the last season so I have to watch it so we can finally learn how Ted meets this mother lady.

Listening: Dr Dog's album B-Room was JUST released days ago. Please go check it out. They're my favorite and this latest album does not disappoint. 

Crafting: Like I mentioned earlier that baby blanket is still killing my crafting time. Well, what little crafting time I have. 

Offline: Time with friends, craft night devoted to making wedding ribbon wands, painting rooms other than the nursery, nesting, cleaning out closets and attics, baby registering and lots of showers (baby and wedding).
Photo Info: Man love on a hammock, Jon and Pearl patheticness, awkward Pearl, Joy hiding in laundry, new living room paint, and Jon practicing is baby holding skills.