Why parents should seek counseling and possibly consider child therapy

Child psychologist: Why parents should seek counseling and possibly consider child therapy

Child psychologist in renoThe development of children is very different. Difficult phases are quite reasonable in children and adolescents. However, parents are often unsettled when their child is behaving strangely and showing abnormalities in development or in the social sphere. Do these behaviors have to be treated by a child psychologist or do they disappear after some time?

In our guide, we will give you information about what a child psychologist is and when a treatment is necessary. You will also learn what a child psychologist does and which therapy is best. Lastly, we will clarify where you can find advice and the right psychologist. One of a few goof psychologist that we know is healingminds.com where you can learn more and they can offer professional psychologist services.

The profession of a child psychologist

The task of a child psychologist is to address the psyche and traits of children and adolescents. Treated superficially behavioral problems, depression, and anxiety. Here are various techniques and methods used, which are tailored to the child. The aim is to get the disease under control and to strengthen the self-confidence of the child.

Observe for children’s behavioral problems.

Child psychologistAlmost all parents sometimes worry about whether their children are developing typically and whether behavioral problems are only temporary. The health of the children is paramount for all parents. But just because a child reacts differently in some situations than other children, this is far from a case for the child psychologist. According to experts, most abnormalities grow after some time by itself.

However, it is essential to keep a close eye on your child and follow the developments. Disorders that persist even after a few weeks should be taken seriously and examined more closely by a specialist.

You should take a closer look at the following indicators for behavioral problems:

•Duration of the fault
•Frequency of occurrence
•Triggers and symptoms
•Restrictions / distress

Behavioral problems, motor disorders or language problems occur in about 33% of preschool children. If the diseases are not particularly pronounced, they do not require treatment at first. The everyday life of preschoolers is often shaped by magical thinking. This makes them particularly creative and imaginative.

Of course, there are behaviors that you should take seriously from the beginning. Severe developmental problems and mental disorders can be better cured if treated as early as possible professionally by a child psychologist. You should definitely consult a child and adolescent psychologist for the following warning signs:

•strong attention disorder
•age-appropriate wetting
•speech disorders
•eating disorder
•self-harming behavior
•Anxiety and panic disorders
•Disruptions in social behavior
•sleep disorders
•aggressive behavior

Methods and techniques in a child psychology practice

In child psychotherapy, the child psychologist is primarily concerned with behavioral disorders and developmental disorders. In addition to behavioral therapy in the child often takes place at the same time a family counseling.

Before a diagnosis can be made, a child and youth therapist will first perform some tests and examinations. Depending on the diagnosis, an individual treatment plan is then created. The therapy is often composed of many different building blocks. In most cases, the social environment is included in the treatment.

Psychotherapy for children is fundamentally different from psychotherapy for adults. In child therapy, the level of development of the child must be taken into account. Also, the social environment such as the family, the kindergarten or the school must necessarily be included in the therapy.

Tasks and goals of child therapy are to alleviate the mental illnesses and to cure at best. These include overcoming anxiety in children or treating depression in children.

Depending on the clinical picture, the following methods can be used:

•behavior therapy
•family therapy
•play therapy
•trauma therapy
•Depth psychology psychotherapy
•Analytical Psychotherapy
•group therapy

After the therapy form has been chosen and the treatment plan has been created, the actual child psychotherapy begins. The treatment appointments usually take place at weekly intervals. The duration of treatment cannot be predicted, as the process is different for each child.

Find a good child psychologist
Finding a suitable psychologist for infants or children is not so easy. The selection of child psychologists is huge in Germany. First of all, the most important thing is that it is a state-approved psychologist. Also take a look at the curriculum vitae, the professional background, and previous activities to get a more accurate picture. Perhaps the child psychologist can even prove additional training, which is central to your problem.

If you have received a recommendation for a child psychologist from a counseling center, you can first contact us by phone or in person. If you are looking for a psychologist yourself, it is advisable to have a look at the phone book or the internet. The Internet offers the advantage that the practices often have their own homepage. There you get a first insight into the practice rooms, the team and the course of therapy.

After you have contacted me, you will first be asked to provide some vital information about your child. A referral from a general practitioner or a specialist is usually not necessary for children and adolescents. Afterward, you will receive the first consultation. On this first appointment, the psychologist gets a picture of your child and their mental and physical complaints.

This appointment is usually followed by two to three meetings, during which various tests are performed. These include language, development and intelligence tests. The results are used to create a treatment plan. You can discuss this together depending on the age of your child.

It is essential that the relationship between your child and the responsible child psychologist is correct. According to various studies, the success of treatment depends mainly on the choice of therapist. If you and your child agree with both the therapist and the psychologist, treatment may begin.

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